Energy version 1.0

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Shareware / 19.95 $
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Business / Calculators
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8.49 MB / 2008-02-13
TAG: petanque, balls, energy, ,
jean luc,
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Win95,  Win98,  WinME,  WinXP,  Windows2000,  Mac PPC
Publisher's description - Energy 1.0
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  Away from the bustling streets of urban Paris is a sleepy old village called, Ville de Petro. There, a Monsieur Jean-Luc Cabrel, a longtime employee at the petanque factory called Energy, sluggishly goes about his work on the assembly line making sure the petanque balls are packaged correctly. There is a problem, however. In the old days, Jean-Luc (or JL for short) was sprightly and agile and all the balls were the same color (silver) so they were easy to group. He was a mean, lean petanque-sorting machine! Sadly, today?s modern petanque game includes several colors, which need to be sorted, and JL is colorblind. In addition to this French tragedy, the machines have been updated and require swift human interaction and skill to keep the production line efficient. Call it denial or fear of losing his beloved job, JL is determined to stay and be a productive worker. The only thing is, he needs your help. Simply sort colors in mechanical bases to help out an old colorblind Jean-Luc keep the only job he knows and loves: Senior Sorter Specialist at The Petanque Factory. Once bases are filled with like-colored balls, they energize giving you power to continue 100 levels of your colorful quest!

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Energy 1.0

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