20 Best Verizon Smartphones for Seniors iOS Apps

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1) NGOs LIST for smartphones

NGOs LIST for smartphones verizon smartphones for seniors
With this app you can browse thru Non-Governamental Organization (NGO`s) information and have all details about them.If you are a researcher you can also contribute and include your own NGO to our database. To do thist, just go to our website, access our Contact Form and enter the desired information. (Free)By Dineu Assis via

2) blog for smartphones-Tracenote

blog for smartphones-Tracenote verizon smartphones for seniors
Record your daily life through smartphone"Tracenote" is a blogging app for smartphones that allows users to post text, images and music and share them.What do you want to do with Tracenote?It`s up to you to decide how to use it.as a blog to record your daily life,as notes of haunting episodes or arresting sight,as child`s growth records or pets,as a trip memory, and so on.Feel free to post your mind, impression and thinkingYou can easily share them on SNS.----------------------------------------------make posts freely------------------------------------------------TextThe text-editing tools expand your expression.You can choose from a variety of different text colors and change the font size.--PicturesVarious ... (Free)By Seesaa Inc. via

3) SimpleSort for SmartPhones

SimpleSort for SmartPhones verizon smartphones for seniors
The Clever Clouds have knocked over all their buckets and all the objects are mixed up Can you help them sort the right objects back into the right buckets?With bright colorful and visually stimulating art and animation, KidsAndBeyond`s SimpleSort teaches children the important early math skills of sorting and categorization while at the same time appealing to their interests by providing them with relatable characters and recognizable objects to sort. Download the app to let your child explore, discover and learnSimpleSort includes:- 2 helper clouds to guide the child through the app- Choice of 12 categorized buckets - option to ... ($0.99)By KidsAndBeyond, LLC. via

4) ConstruirTV Smartphones

ConstruirTV Smartphones verizon smartphones for seniors
Construirt TV para Smartphones es la nueva aplicacin del canal que rene a todos los trabajos.Conoc las novedades del canal, la grilla de programacin y jug con la Trivia para competir con tus amigos (Free)By Iokstudio & Partners via

5) The M World for smartphones

The M World for smartphones verizon smartphones for seniors
WELCOME TO OTS M-WORLD For those looking for a better understanding of the issues surrounding the digital revolution, OT has launched the M-WORLD, a space for reflection and a laboratory dedicated to todays mobility. From payment to data security, telecommunications, identity, transport, the Internet of Things and biometrics the M-WORLD tells you about all the key mobility subjects and questions the experts who are able to provide important insights. The M-WORLD keeps a close eye on the latest innovations in terms of mobility. The aim is to anticipate and understand changing behavior and examine the impact on the way we ... (Free)By Oberthur Technologies via

6) Armenian Treasures for SmartPhones

Armenian Treasures for SmartPhones verizon smartphones for seniors
In 301 A.D. Armenia was the first to adopt Christianity as a state religion. For centuries Christian Armenians created thousands of amazing monasteries and churches, hundreds of which have survivedDiscover the ancient Armenia with Armenian Treasures application - virtual 3D journeys to the famous Armenian historical architectural masterpieces: feel like you are standing there, walking around, lighting a candle, getting acquainted with the history, enjoying other interesting features made with high-tech. The application is available in English, Russian and Armenian.More details about the project:Armenian Treasures - the first interactive multimedia project which promotes the awareness of the ancient Armenian historical ... (Free)By Locator CJSC via

7) iD Wholesale Smartphones

iD Wholesale Smartphones verizon smartphones for seniors
iD Wholesale Smartphones app offers easy and quick way for consumers to find latest prices and info on smartphones, tablets, accessories, powerbanks and related products & services. Through iD Wholesale app, consumers can browse for latest pricing on smartphones, and latest promotions and discounts coupons smartphones related products.All pictures are for illustration purposes only. Pricing, specification & availability of products are subject to changes without prior notice. While every care is taken, any inaccuracy is regretted. (Free)By Arputharajah Samuel via

8) Ducal App SmartPhones

Ducal App SmartPhones verizon smartphones for seniors
Herramienta de apoyo en la labor de ventas para Smatphones (Free)By Pablo Ramirez via

9) Match the Objects for SmartPhones

Match the Objects for SmartPhones verizon smartphones for seniors
Match the colored objects with it`s outline. Match the Objects allows children to practice object recognition as they drag and drop each object shape into its corresponding outline.Match the Object includes 4 different categories:1. Shapes2. Numbers3. Letters4. AnimalsAn other option called Jumble is provided where a mix of objects from the above categories are made available to the child to match the object to its correct outline.Your child will delight in the bright engaging colors and recognizable objects. (Free)By KidsAndBeyond, LLC. via

10) The Transparent Calculator for Smartphones

The Transparent Calculator for Smartphones verizon smartphones for seniors
There are some incredible smartphone designs out there, but most calculator applications aren`t very stylish. At last, here`s a calculator with a cool look And it`s perfectly tailored to the smartphone.The smartphone is known for its sleekness right down to the mother board, so The Transparent Calculator re-creates the mother board with a "see-through" design. Clear buttons add to an overall transparent look. This application is not only fabulous to look at--it also has a practical calculation-checking feature. ($1.99)By GAME-INDEX.net Co.,Ltd. via

11) Learn The Letter for SmartPhones

Learn The Letter for SmartPhones verizon smartphones for seniors
Do Dog and Fish both start with the same letter? Download Learn the Letter to watch your child begin to make distinctions between beginning sounds and letters of words. Kids will recognize familiar objects and be asked to drag the object that begins with the given letter into a box. Not sure which object works? Our helpful voiceovers aid children by naming each object when tapped. Play multiple times to get different objects each timeSome categories of objects include:AnimalsFoodPeopleFruits and VegetablesTransportationAnd so much moreBefore you know it, your child will be able to name object for every letter from A-Z (Free)By KidsAndBeyond, LLC. via

12) Match That Shape for SmartPhones

Match That Shape for SmartPhones verizon smartphones for seniors
Match the colored shape with its outline Match That Shape allows children to practice shape recognition as they drag and drop each shape into its corresponding outline.Not only do children learn visual recognition of each shape, but a voiceover announcing each shape`s name reinforces association of shape and name.Match that Shape includes the following fun shapes:3-sided: Triangle4-sided: Square, Rectangle, Trapezoid, Diamond5-sided: Pentagon6-sided: Hexagon8-sided: OctagonHeartLineArrowSemicircleCircleOvalStarYour child will delight in the bright engaging colors and recognizable shapes Play multiple times for many different combinations (Free)By KidsAndBeyond, LLC. via

13) Map My Globe for SmartPhones

Map My Globe for SmartPhones verizon smartphones for seniors
The continents, oceans, and poles have lost their places Can you help put them back and restore order to the world? Map My Globe encourages children to broaden their global awareness, by asking them to place all 7 continents, 5 oceans, and 2 poles back in their proper world locations. Children will learn not only the names of the continents, but the way they are visually represented on all maps and globes. Voiceover of each object teaches children name/object association. A fun animation precedes and ends the game with each play (Free)By KidsAndBeyond, LLC. via

14) American Seniors For Seniors

American Seniors For Seniors verizon smartphones for seniors
THis is our company`s product for http://seniorsforseniors.us/ , here in mobile application you will get 3 sections : Junior Seniors , Senior Seniors and Client section , With this unique product you can call us directly , Listen to first 3 chapters of bible , assing feedback to seniors , can contact directly us for any type of appointment , NOTE : To access this application you have to contact adminstrator first to get credentials for your account , its not for public use . (Free)By Jeffrey Fraser via

15) The Slick Black Calculator for Smartphones

The Slick Black Calculator for Smartphones verizon smartphones for seniors
There are some incredible smartphone designs out there, but most calculator applications aren`t very stylish. This, on the other hand, is the slickest calculator around, and it`s an incredible match for a black smartphone.The Slick Black Calculator for the smartphone features stunning display fonts and red buttons that highlight the black background. This application is not only fabulous to look at---it also has a practical calculation-checking feature. ($1.99)By GAME-INDEX.net Co.,Ltd. via

16) Verizon Mobile Accessory Store

Verizon Mobile Accessory Store verizon smartphones for seniors
Need a charger? Want a new case? Verizon has you covered. Use the Verizon Mobile Accessory Store app to conveniently purchase accessories for your devices and track your orders on-the-go (Free)By Verizon Wireless IT via

17) Stretching for seniors

Stretching for seniors verizon smartphones for seniors
This Stretching for seniors App .Stretching For SeniorsExercises and Stretches for Seniors Part 1Exercises for Seniors - Stretching Exercises for Seniors Exercise for Seniors - Lower Back Stretching for SeniorsStretching for Seniors Part 1The Old Fart Workout - Best Stretches for SeniorsHip Flexor Stretches for Senior Citizens : Stretching & Yoga PosesYoga Stretching & Mobility Workout: PM- Jane FondaStretching for Seniors Part 2Stretching for Older Adults - Legs & Lower BackDownload and Enjoy reading Stretching for seniors (3.990)By KiritKumar Thakkar via

18) Dating for Seniors

Dating for Seniors verizon smartphones for seniors
Dating is something that everyone wants to do if theyre single and seniors are not different at all. In fact, these days there are more seniors dating than ever before. The book Dating for Seniors is filled with tips and advice to help you get back into the dating world if youve been out of it for a while now and have no idea where to start again. Whether youre divorced, widowed, or have never married this title is going to help give you the confidence you need to get out there and start dating with the belief that youre ... ($9.99)By AppBookShop.com via

19) My Verizon Home Account

My Verizon Home Account verizon smartphones for seniors
Access your Verizon account for your Home Phone, Internet and TV services through the My Verizon Home Account app.My Verizon Home Account for iPhone makes it easy to access your Verizon home account to View your bill and make a onetime payment, check history of recent payments, enroll into auto pay and paperless billing and view your account profile and services.Verizon Troubleshooter, a support tool, automates the repair and setup of your Verizon services. Itoffers three automated wizards to help you resolve common problems with your Phone and Internet service. (Free)By Verizon Information Technologies LLC via

20) Verizon Roadside Assistance

Verizon Roadside Assistance verizon smartphones for seniors
Driving across town or across the country, Verizon Roadside Assistance lets you travel with confidence and peace of mind. Designed exclusively for Verizon customers, Verizon Roadside Assistance offers 24-hour emergency roadside service.The Verizon Roadside Assistance mobile application has been carefully designed to make requesting assistance faster, more accurate, and convenient.Functions:Request assistance for a mechanical issue, dead battery, flat tire, out of fuel, lock out, and moreUse GPS, maps and satellite to pinpoint the vehicle locationFollow a dialogue assisting you in diagnosing the problem and requesting appropriate serviceRetrieve confirmation service is on the way and the estimated time of arrivalYour Verizon ... (Free)By Signature Motor Club, Inc. via




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