Google Photos Books is Available for Android and iOS

May 31, 2017, 7:14 am

   With the Photo Books feature, the find giant makes use of machine learning to pick out the best photos from the library and then organize them according to the people that
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in them, the places that can be seen in those pictures, or the things that show up in them.The aim of this feature is to minimize the effort involved in having to search through a large group of photos to just pick out a few good ones.
   At its I/O conference earlier this month, Google( announced that it desirable to bring the fun of physical photo books back.While the Web version of
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Photos already allowed users to create photo books from the best pictures from their collection, the iOS and Android applications have now joined the party.Users in the US may start making their photo books with the latest app updates already available on
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Play store and application Store respectively.
Google Photos Books is Available for Android and iOS
   Google has already shared that it hopes to bring suggestions for Photo Books going ahead.Users further get the option of getting their photo books made in either softcover, starting at $9.99 or hardcover, starting at $19.99.
Alternate Title: Google Photos Photo Books Now Available for Android and iOS in the US

   It seems like Google has become aggressive at updating its Google Photos app with new
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as the California-based company recently added an archive feature to the app and has already get started the process of implementing suggested sharing feature to the app as well.The archive feature allows users to keep certain images away from their main image feed while the suggested sharing feature essentially uses machine learning to remind you to share photos with those who are in those pictures.
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